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We offer the IB Diploma Programme to deliver excellence in education to students both locally and from around the globe. At GPS Brookes Kochi, you have the opportunity to graduate with the GPS Brookes Kochi Diploma and the IB Diploma.

Grades 11 and 12

Diploma Programme
The Diploma Programme provides a holistic educational experience that heightens critical thinking skills and the joy of learning. Students flourish intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically, and graduates continue to higher education feeling prepared and confident in themselves.

The Value of an IB Education

IB Diploma Subjects

Group One: Studies in Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
School Supported Self Taught Literature
Group Two: Language Acquisition
Hindi B
French B
French ab*
Group Three: Individuals and Society
Business Management
Group Four: Sciences
Computer Sciences
Group Five: Mathematics
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
Group Six: The Arts
Visual Arts

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