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GPS Brookes Kochi, powered by two leading education networks, Global Education Trust (GET) and Brookes Education Group (BEG). GPS Brookes Kochi is the first globally connected school in Kochi to offer the world-leading International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme to Grade 11 and 12 and IB Primary Years Programme from Grades 1 to 5.

GPS Brookes Kochi

  • 12/122, Thiruvaniyoor P.O
    Via Chottanikkara
  • Kerala, Kochi
  • 682308
Aman Ali E M – Student
"“In the beginning, it was a bit difficult to cope as everything was new. I have to say all the support I received helped me fit right in. A great thing about IB is the fact that we interact a lot, shoot ideas back and forth, research by ourselves, and not just memorize information.”"
Nakul Rahul Nair – Student
"“IBDP helped me become more open-minded than I had ever been before, but most significantly, it helped me grow as a person.”"
Karthik Jiji – Student
"“At GPS Brookes Kochi, the numerous opportunities that you encounter are limitless. The experiences and the cultures that integrate give you varied perspectives to share new ideas.”"
Maya Rahul Nair – Parent
"“Every child is special in his own ways. Schools can either make them or break them. Thank you GPS Brookes Kochi for anchoring an otherwise meandering path, guiding him through and making him understand his best interests. And all this done patiently, efficiently and wholeheartedly by the best team of mentors, teachers ever. The curriculum aims to bring out the best in every child and needless to say, it's abundantly fulfilling to see these young people realize their dreams and potential as they steer towards it.” "
Indu Varma E K  – Parent
"“The teaching methods in IBDP are unique in a way that they require the student to apply the knowledge that they learn, not only memorize the content. It instills critical thinking, analysis, and evaluation skills. As a parent, watching the journey and the development of my son over the past one year has given me the joy and satisfaction of making the right choice.”"
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