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Cultural Quest: Exploring Fort Kochi’s Heritage through Food and History

Aligning with the IB philosophy that emphasizes real-life experiences, local culture, and community importance, a 'Food cum Cul...
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PYP- Gallery Walk

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, a Gallery Walk took place in PYP Homerooms, where young students enga...
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Musical Journey Update

Our young musicians embarked on an exciting adventure in the music room! They began by singing and playing five ascending and d...
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Exploring Vincent Van Gogh’s Art: Nurturing Creativity

Our young artists embarked on an exciting journey into the world of Vincent Van Gogh and the captivatin...
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A Visit to Post Office

Students of PYP 1 and 2 posted cards through the local Post Office, in which they wrote their reflections on the human books wh...
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Community Bonding: PYP 1 and PYP 2 Students Visit Kuzhiyara Anganwadi

On Friday, August 11th, 2023, students of PYP 1 and PYP 2 visited the Kuzhiyara Anganwadi to interact and play games with child...
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Connecting Learning to Real Life Experiences

As part of their Unit of Inquiry on communities and the role of individuals in a community, PYP 2 hosted Commodore G Ramachandr...
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Up the hill to meet kings and queens!

The tiny tots from PYP made their way to the iconic Hill Palace in Thripunitura.