Our Approach

Be your best

We embrace creativity, develop connections and build character to encourage our students to engage in the world and effect meaningful change.

Our Pillars

We believe our responsibility as educators is to unlock the human potential within each student through the guiding pillars of our academic approach.

Building Character

We believe character building is based on acquired skills; skills we can teach, monitor, and evaluate. Students become better people when they learn how to listen actively, how to communicate effectively, and how to gain trust by building community.

What does character look like at GPS Brookes Kochi?
Lead a benefit concert to raise awareness of local and global issues.

Connecting Minds

We connect our campuses to provide greater opportunities for our students and teachers to learn about the world from the world.  Our students can apply their learning in different contexts and across different cultures.

What does connection look like at GPS Brookes Kochi?
Spend a semester on exchange in Kochi and experience the rich culture of a this ancient trading hub between Africa, Arabia and Asia.

Encouraging Creativity

Divergent thinking is incorporated into all aspects of learning. Creativity is vital for adapting to and thriving in a changing society. Creative thinking and innovation are skills that can be learned and at Brookes we create environments that constantly challenge students to develop these skills.

What does creativity look like at GPS Brookes Kochi?
Develop sustainable solutions for the future, in one of the worlds fastest growing economies.

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